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This may be a delicate subject, but something I've wondered about since reading about lupus. Anytime I think to post about it...I start reading other posts and forget! :lol:

When you read about SLE (lupus), it always mentions weight loss as a symptom. Yet, it seems that so many of us have weight problems. So I'm curious as to how many of us are slightly more round than we should be! :eek: I hope that puts it delicately as I do not want to hurt anyone's feelings. I am VERY round these days! :oops: Though thankfully, not as much as I used to be.

So please tell us how you consider yourself...

Thin / Average / Little on the pudgy side / Overweight

I'll go first. My name is Polly and I am overweight!

Thanks!! Pollyanna :love:
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Hi Pollyanna,

When I first became ill with S.L.E. I lost a lot of weight. I ran fevers a lot, and had no appetite. After getting treatment, my appetite fluctuates and my meds, have changed a lot through the years..anyway, I am considered average weight. That could change with me, in as little as a week, however! :lol:

Hi Polly,
I am sorry you are not doing as well as you were. You were missed by me so I am glad you are back here on the boards.

At first I too lost weight, but over the years between meds and non activity I am now "fluffy":(

My loved ones said I was not fat, but fluffy:lol: My weight fluctuates way too much. I lose and then I gain and so I almost have given up hope on ever being thin again.:sad:


I am considered of average weight.
For some strange reason, when I am not well, I actually gain weight. I have read that either weight loss or weight gain is possible - though I can't remember where.

I have managed to remain at a stable weight despite meds but have not managed to lose the extra I had from being ill. Over my first year out of remission it crept steadily up to 8 kilos (sorry all you llbs and stone people) heavier. On pred I gained another two (for one year of pred now).

I think my main worry is I used to be very active and I really can't be right now but I definitely gain rather than lose if flaring.

I am overweight too, more so with prednisone useage, but going off of that and maybe lose a bit. Karly
I like Pleasingly Plump....LOL...I lost weight when I was first sick, then gained it a tad.

I am about 140 and should be 135lbs (sorray american here - no kilos or stones for me).

I still can wear my clothes, but I definately am a "muffin top" about the middle in my jeans.

I am chubby. Two years ago I lost 50 pounds, but couldn't keep it off. I've gained back about 25. It's very hard as I have always been on the thin side. I believe the weight is mostly due to inactivity and "pain eating". I try to curb that, but it's so hard. When the pain gets really loud, I always end up in the kitchen stuffing my mouth.

Body Type

What a question to ask when i have just been at the doctors and had my weight done i am now concidered overweight so i would describe myself pear shaped:lol: :lol: elizabeth
When I first got sick I lost a lot of weight...I was VERY underweight, less than 100 lbs, even while on pred. I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep and couldn't exersize the way I normally did. I think some of it was the loss of muscle.

Now I pretty much hold steady at 115 lbs and I'm 5'3, so I'm average.
Hi all

Definately very overweight :hehe: .

I had always been around the 12-14 st mark, creeping up a bit due to pregnancies. But ever since I had Katherine and my symptoms started in earnest the weight has piled on. Going on long term prednisilone did not help, either, as I put on 4st. I've lost about 1st since January when I eventually got off the steroids but I am still morbidly obese (official). Rheumy wants me to halve my weight and do an hour exercise a day :rolleyes: .

The only time in my life when I lost weight was when I had my appendix out and weighed a svelte 10.5 st. Trouble was, I soon went back up to 12st when I went back to uni.

My husband thinks amputation is the only way I can lose weight..........:eek:

Love Judi xx
I'm quite underweight. 99 lbs and 5'1". Prednisone made me gain weight for a while but now that dose is down the weight fell right back off.
My many different answers! In fact some of you remind me that even though I've been fighting weight ALL my life...there was a time in my twenties that I lost a good amount all at once. I went from a size 16 dress down to a size 8; a difference of five sizes. Big loss. But then very soon after that "flare" went away; the weight came back on and hasn't left most definitely has over-stayed its welcome! :lol:

Last August, I finally had the lap-band procedure done and I've lost 65 pounds, so it's finally coming off...albeit slowly and hopefully, healthy.

Keep posting and maybe soon a pattern will present itself! Thanks so much!

Love ya, Pollyanna :hug:


I am overweight, always have been so cant blame medication, even when I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid, I thought this would be a good excuse but I beleive that we only gain a few pounds with that so cant use it as an excuse. I love to eat and drink, I eat when I am happy I eat when Im sad I eat when Im sick.

I have a great appetite for life in general.

Have been thin or underweight most of my life, since DX and daily prednisone (over 2 yrs. now) have gained some, but Dr. says I am in the normal range for my height and healthy, most people think I look better now than I did before:hehe: I prefer before because it was what I was used to seeing myself like.
im not even going there, with this thread, im so cross with these medications, they have changed my body so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i feel someone else as took over my body, i hate all this i need to drop one stone 14pounds and can i grrrrrrrrrrrrr.!! 3 lbs since january and that with a slimming club i don't like me

I get tickled when I read in some of the descriptions about Lupus and they say weightloss.:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
I myself have packed on the weight. I like to joke that I have a size 7 body and I am protecting that with all my fat! I am so tired of taking meds that cause me to gain weight, however, if I DON"T take these meds then what, I become very sick. I eat right as well as exercise and I might lose a few pounds only to gain it back in water weight. Am I depressed, you bet!

I was thin once!

I have gained weight the way a lot of people, rightly or wrongly, seem to as they slip into middle age. Stayed between 8st 8lbs - 9st 2lbs until about 35. since then have gone up to 10 1/2 - 11 stones and would continue to get bigger if i did not watch myself. I have got heavier, but choose to forget that bit. I'm 5ft 4in.

When i am sick or low i eat more. If i don't eat the pain killers start to eat my stomach for me. But I mainly eat becasue I like to do it.

I am broad shouldered and narrow hipped which looked ok slim. I have managed to put weight on like a man - shoulders, back and stomach, so i look far too chunky now, but at least i am managing to stop it creeping upwards ... for now. Oh and I have something that passes for a bust, which I did not when I was slim.

Last week I was working hard so expected to lose weight and i managed to gain 5lbs. I cannot be persuaded that this is muscle growth. If it was there are an awful lot of body builders out there who would be doing my job. I eat healthy stuff, but I reckon it's the other stuff i also eat that does it! I can't really blame anything else. I am simply moving less quickly and resting more than i did 10 years ago, but still eating the same quantities.
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haha yeah well i used to be a normal weight, about 90lbs then got sick and i was realllly crazy THIN. i dont know the lowest weight i got to but i think it was about 70 something lbs. On pred now for like 10 years, and im now 120, im about maybe 10-20 lbs overweight for my body... maybe more because i have no muscle at all, its just all fat... but im lowering my pred for the first time in the last few months!!! :p :p YAhhooooo !!!
Hi pollyanna

weightloss?!..I wish!!

I have put weight on through this flare which started nearly a year ago..mainly due to lack of exercise & a little bit of comfort eating if I'm honest :rolleyes:
so unfortunately I am now fluffy!!! (BECCA I love that description!:) )

now i'm feeling a bit better I am having difficulty losing the weight..In the past I can usually lose it quite quick :sad: not sure if it's the meds to blame or my age as I'm nearly 37....time will tell I suppose :rolleyes:

Interesting thread pollyanna :)
hope you're feeling better..karen x
Hello I'm tall and slim. I've always been one of those people who is thin but can eat what she wants, and my weight never fluctuated much. However as I was awaiting lupus diagnosis weight loss was one of the major obvious symptoms. Before I got Lupus I was between 8-9 stone (usually a fairly constant 54kg) and I was only just in the normal BMI/body weight range. When I first got ill I lost over half a stone and as I didn't have any weight to lose this made me underweight. I looked awful (far too skinny), friends, doctors etc were worried about me and I think many people thought i was anorexic (no way I love my food! although as I was so exhausted I probably eating more quick snacks but was not cooking as many big meals for myself, and I was sleeping loads so often missed breakfast entirely).
I've had lupus about 3 years now and I'm back to my normal weight (I'm a steady 57kg now and think the extra few pounds are just because I'm less active than I was pre-lupus). I don't need steroid treatment but I think they increase your weight if your on them, obviously this would not be a problem for me as I'm thin to start with and anyway size does not matter unless it gives you health problems (eg neither being underweight or very obese is good for you)
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