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Hello I'm tall and slim. I've always been one of those people who is thin but can eat what she wants, and my weight never fluctuated much. However as I was awaiting lupus diagnosis weight loss was one of the major obvious symptoms. Before I got Lupus I was between 8-9 stone (usually a fairly constant 54kg) and I was only just in the normal BMI/body weight range. When I first got ill I lost over half a stone and as I didn't have any weight to lose this made me underweight. I looked awful (far too skinny), friends, doctors etc were worried about me and I think many people thought i was anorexic (no way I love my food! although as I was so exhausted I probably eating more quick snacks but was not cooking as many big meals for myself, and I was sleeping loads so often missed breakfast entirely).
I've had lupus about 3 years now and I'm back to my normal weight (I'm a steady 57kg now and think the extra few pounds are just because I'm less active than I was pre-lupus). I don't need steroid treatment but I think they increase your weight if your on them, obviously this would not be a problem for me as I'm thin to start with and anyway size does not matter unless it gives you health problems (eg neither being underweight or very obese is good for you)
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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