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Hi all

Definately very overweight :hehe: .

I had always been around the 12-14 st mark, creeping up a bit due to pregnancies. But ever since I had Katherine and my symptoms started in earnest the weight has piled on. Going on long term prednisilone did not help, either, as I put on 4st. I've lost about 1st since January when I eventually got off the steroids but I am still morbidly obese (official). Rheumy wants me to halve my weight and do an hour exercise a day :rolleyes: .

The only time in my life when I lost weight was when I had my appendix out and weighed a svelte 10.5 st. Trouble was, I soon went back up to 12st when I went back to uni.

My husband thinks amputation is the only way I can lose weight..........:eek:

Love Judi xx
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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