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hi guys need help my reg doc said i have " 2 big honking bone spurs , 1 on my bottom heel the other on the achelies ( sorry my spelling bites i blame the lupus:lol:) the foot doc says the pain won't be bad if i can control the swelling of the tissue around those spots (hahahaha i let him know that my illness doesn't want to coprate ) the cortisone injections caused more pain
he has me on predinsone ( got super sick, the kids brought home a nasty virus
at the wrong time) he doesn't want to do surgery because of lupus diabeties
slow healing , but he has mentioned putting in a cast to control swelling
( my other docs havent been able to control leg swelling for 4yrs) so does anyone have any ideas please
also need big fave my mom has been told by her rumy doc that she's got
sojurnes. we can't find much info on what type of dietary thing s to ease symptoms. does those joint juice drinks work ? any imput would be great

and take care

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thank you
new update, the doc has decided that i can have surgery, aug 7th .
but he said he can only remove one of the spurs,because he has never removed two on the same foot in the positions that mine are (the lucky one is on my achelies heel area the other which gets to stay is on the bottom of my heel ) i go in for pre op on the 31st. so cross your fingers for me
I'm getting the house preped for my recovery ( telling the kids keep your stuff off the floor , you know asking for miricles :lol:)showing my man how to do laundry proper ( he believes the more soap the better :eek:) since my 2 mini strokes, he has realized that i realy am sick, so he has been so much
nicer. the only thing that scares him more is the idea of our daughter dating
or even liking boys :rotfl:
oh well keep smiling right girls
thanks again
take care
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