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Brain Fog is really annoying

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:wacko: :? :wall: I have been in a fog for about the past three weeks, I had not previously had problems with memory etc. until now. I lost a credit card three times, numerous bills, and what day it is normally.:eek: My checkbook never, ever balances and is just lucky not to be over drawn. Medicine is about the only thing I can remember to take although I still have to check on doseages every time.:sick: Passwords, are ridiculous, I even use the same one and still have to hunt for the slip of paper I wrote it on so I wouldn't forget it when I needed it, of course the paper has to be found which usually takes forever. I hope this clears a little bit or I am afraid I may get lost going to the store, or totally forget what I need to buy for food and come home with a cart load of Oreo cookies.:eek: Maybe I had better leave a trail of bread crumbs when I do go to the store so I can find my way home. (the store is about two minutes away) Take care, and fingers crossed for the memory to return. Karly:wink2:
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Yah I can so sympathize! I forgot the word for iron the other day ( such as ironing the clothes) took me an hour to get it. Then last week I forgot my son's teacher's name. Wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact I help out in the class once a week since school started this last year. And last Sunday I teach one of my YMCA classes and I was stumbling all over my words. It's so frustrating. Hope you find your memory soon! If you happen to run into mine, tell her to come home!

Hi Karly

Hmmm.... a cart load of oreos... that doesn't sound toooooooo bad... the only thing now is to remember to look for the bread crumbs!

Hope you de-fog soon!:)

Hi Karly, I am so very glad that you posted this subject.
I have been thinking about posting it for about a couple of months, it's the embarassment that stopped me. I am afraid to bring it up to Hubby, as he is so overprotective now, that he would probably lock me in the house. And I haven't asked my Rheumy cause if she orders tests, hubby will want to know why.
so, the post is out there now, does anyone know when we should bring it up to our dr.'s? When is the brain fog bad enough to do something about? Someone out there, please help those of us who don't know what to do or when. We
all thank you ahead of time.:worried:
Brain Fog

Hi, Karly. I am a new member who has been newly diagnosed with lupus, and I can certainly relate to your brain fog. I have been in a constant fog since two years ago and it's really becoming difficult to function. Sometimes I can't even remember my own boys names! Hopefully things will get better once the plaquenil I'm taking starts to work. I hope you get some relief with your fog soon.

By the way, do the allergy injections bother you in any way? I had problems with mine and had to quit them.

Brain Fog

Hi karly i think we are all on the same page i answered my phone yesterday and the girl asked my name and i told her my maiden name good job hubby was on hand to tell me my married name i would not have been so bad if we were newlyweds but we have been married for 35yrs last sunday :lol: :rotfl: :hehe: elisabeth
Dear Karly and Others, I once went to the Train Station and asked for a Tea Towel instead of a timetable. I have also got into a vacant taxi and sat in the Driving Seat while the driver stood outside looking amazed!

I once cooked dinners for the entire family, put them in the oven and started a whole new set.
I try not to worry. The other thing which does bother me, if we are in a large shop, Hubby will tell me which aisle he will be in, I will say okay and then totally forget where he said. That one is scary and frustrating.
x Lola
Don't worry about the hubby thing,I think we automatically blank out things our partners say:rotfl: I normally say 'yes' to my husband,then ask him what he said 10mins later.Mind you,the kids have picked up on my lack of attention and get away with ****.
My main problem at the moment is forgetting what I've bought at the shops and tend to have two lots of everything.
When I went to London the other day,oh my God !the underground...need I say more.I couldn't for the life of me work out why I couldn't find the way to the northern line at Waterloo,got me completely stumped!until I rembered I'd walked across the bridge and was actually at Westminster..durr!My husband...realising I am not safe to be let out:) took the day off work and looked after my daughter,
By the way, do the allergy injections bother you in any way? I had problems with mine and had to quit them.


No they don't bother me generally, except that one of the nurses who gives them stinks at giving shots,they hurt like the dickens, now I give myself subcutaneous shots I know there are ways to give them so they don't hurt, the last time she shot one right into my muscle causing a terrible cramp that lasted for fifteen minutes!:eek: :mad:
Hi Karly
Oh the brain fogs, I call them my blonde moments :shrug: !!! I can say something to my husband and by the time he replies, I have completely forgotten what I said in the first place! I find that my fogs are worse when I have not been sleeping properly. They used to be really bad and like AlimaD it was simple words that I forget. I now take Amitriptylline 25mg at night which helps me to sleep and also helps somewhat with the pain. It may be worth trying, but it did take about a month to kick in with me so you need to be patient.
Good luck
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