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My case is very confusing....

Last year around August and last fall I had a weak positive ANA (1:40), which i know in some people is considered normal. I had the beginning of arthritis.

The arthritis got worse...I was treated with steroids.

Then I lost the ability to walk. That began my trip into the world of Neurology. Started with Brain and spinal cord MRI's and a lumbar puncture. MRI's began normal, and Lumbar puncture had some elevated protein (that was about it.0

My problems walking now just happen with my right leg and are brought on by heat.

A year later, my arthritis has only gotten worse. I have tried plaquenil, but that made migraines worse, so that drug was discontinued.

I am on Methotrexate, but my arthritis has gotten severe again, and I am on 15 mg of prednisone a day in addition to the 15 mg of methotrexate every week.

Last month I had a migraine last for 10 days!

This week, I had right eye pain, that made me want to cry. But, optic neuritis was ruled out....

However, I now have two lesions on brain MRI that weren't there four months ago on a previous MRI.

My neurologist says he believes they are migraine related and not Multiple Sclerosis related.

Good Lord. Either way, marks on brain at age 28 can't be good, right?

I am wondering how many Lupus patients out there with severe migraines end up with abnormal MRI's?


Last December, they were telling me they thought I had Lupus. I had casts show up in a urine sample, and with my other symptoms this was my Rheumatologist's best guess. However, I would say things are still very confusing with me. I am not a easy patient to figure out.

My health is going to **** in a hand basket, and I am now at the point, where I may be quitting work. This sucks. I am slowly getting closer to treatment, but I don't know if it will be fast enough for me to manage my health and my job (which is quite stressful.)

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Hi Kate,

Sorry to hear you are not doing well.

Migraines are found in both Lupus and MS. However recently a study was released showing a link with migraines and brain lesions. I am posting an older link and a newer one for you to check out.

I would assume the neuro is ruling out MS due to the shape and location of the lesions. That still does not explain your other symptoms though.

Take care,

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Hi Kate, I can't help with info on lesions, but I wanted to say I am sorry you are having such a rotten worrying time. I have problems walking and I know how much it inteferes with everything. You are young and it is tough to be thinking of giving up work. You will have more time though to do things you enjoy. They will figure things out for you, it just takes time. I hope the treatment they give you helps.

Take care

Deb x
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