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Ok, so this breathing thing..........sometimes it makes you wonder if its a little overrated.

So for those that are unaware, I fought to get admitted to the hospital towards the end of June and I was discharged about five days later and I was sent home on oxygen because I cannot breath properly. Leave it to me to mess up something that you would think is straight forward and easy. I am on 4L 24/7. My new toy sits in the living room with about 50 feet of tubing attached and strung thru out the house. My cat leaves the tubing alone, however, my daughters cat thinks that it is her own personal play toy. There are so many people in the house to begin with and then all the visitors that come and go means that there are alot of people that step, trip and who knows what to my tubing. Then there is that whole "open flame" and "flammable" thing. This is/was a house of smokers.........yikes. Add in the fact that I also LOVE to cook with my gas stove and well, I cannot do that right now either. This Lupus thing is getting rather nasty. It continues to steal things from me. Greedy little burger.

While this whole new experience has definately slowed me down, it hasn't stopped me......yet. If I want to go and do something I do have to plan ahead a little more than I normally would and I DO have to make notes. Now when I leave to go run errands do I have to take all my normal gear but now I have to remember to grab extra portable oxygen tanks and bags and that tool thingy, but I have to still remember to make sure I have the diaper bag, a stroller and what ever else I have to take. I am exhausted just to get to the car. I have been waiting for my husband to get home and then he goes with me so I have an extra pair of hands. Sunday we went to St Louis for the day and I swear it took us an hour just to get the truck loaded. I have to go to St Louis again tomorrow so I had to go and exchange my oxygen tanks so that I had enough to get down and back.

Oh well, I guess things could be worse. I see my Pulmonologist on the 16th. I have a chest xray as well as a PFT that day, that should tell us what the plans are from there. I then see my Rheumy on the 20th to discuss Cytoxin and who knows what else. Oh well, just another day in the neighborhood. Things could be worse.

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