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Bristol Specialist?

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Hello All, This is my first post so hoefully I have it in the right place.

Can anyone recommend a Lupus specialist in the Bristol area (UK) that I can request a referral to via my GP?

Thanks in advance for your replies.:)
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I haven't been yet because I have only just been referred by my GP, but the Connective Tissue Disease clinic at the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases in Bath is supposed to be one of the best in the country. My GP (who is very nice and straight talking) strongly recommended them.

The 2 consultants "in charge" are a Dr McHugh and Dr Korendowych. They also have a CTD clinical nurse specialist called Sister Sue Brown who is supposed to be the only one in the south west.

Eve x
Thanks so much for that! I have my GP appointment next week and it helps to be prepared!! Now you mention it - I think I have heard of them - never know - might see you there!! Good luck with your appointment when it comes!:)

I was diagnosed with Lupus at the eye hospital (after suffering with uveitis) and referred to the rheumatologist dept (they speciailise in lupus)at the BRI and have been seeing them for a few years. My lupus still isn't controlled though and I have been suffering with bad fatigue, joints etc so now they are referring me to Bath to see a nurse who specialises in Fatigue in Lupus.

Hope it goes well:)
I have been searching for a specialist for weeks, I am so glad I came to this site. I live in Gloucestershire, and reading the information here has helped me. Thank you. I wish you all the best and hope it goes well getting on top of Lupus. Mexus
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