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Hi Enrico,

I'm sorry your brother is unwell, and hope tthe treatment helps him.

It mat take a while to work out what the cause is, especially if it is early days with few symptoms or blood abnormalities. Still there is definately something wrong, and a very low platelet count will at least hold the doctors attention while they work it out.

My rheumatologist says that it is fascinating the way different variations of the same or simmilar disease express themselves in families. One person may have very obvious lupus (face rash and nephritis for example, and a sibling just has joint pain, and the aunt RA...) So there is a definite family trait, but the expression of the illness can be quite different. Also the labels for the diseases don't always fit the person exactly. One day we may have genetic tests that can tell exactly what we have, and maybe a load of new diseases will be named. On the other hand, once it is confirmed that there is an autoimmune proccess going on the treatments are all simmilar whatever the name, so the label is less inportant than the right treatment.

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