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dose anyone on here bruse with lupus ?
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I think we all bruise in a normal amount/manner on bumping into things... (I've got a few from doing that right now!) but if you are referring to more bruises than normal or without apparent cause then this can indicate you have low platelets. A simple blood test can be run to check your platelet count, and if it's found to be low then measures can be taken to bring them back up.

Hope this helps.
Hello Adaline
This is something worth mentioing to a doctor if you think you are bruising abnormally.
I bruise more than I would expect but that's probably due to the medicines I take.

this happen saturday while in the shower felt a big sting and itching on the inside of leg got out of shower and the bruse was the size of a orange this happens alot but sometimes they are small bruses happen to my foot a couple years ago went to doctor he thought someone done it to me he did not believe that i was just walking and this happen i am very scared i don't know what is worse knowing you have lupus or not knowing what is wrong with you
I bruised a lot before I was even diagnosed or took medication. My platelets were fine but, as the others say, it is best to get them checked out. My bruises have since been put down to fragile skin blood capillaries resulting from inflammation. I even had a horrible large bleed in the tissues under my tongue. I also found it scary. One GP even asked me whether I was a victim of abuse!! Since treatment they are not as widespread or so large, even though I take steroids. Take care.
The situation you describe does sound more like a blood vessel issue. I have had weak blood vessels it seems too - where they burst for little to no reason from time to time. I was walking around pushing dear daughter in her stroller and all of a sudden I felt a sharp burning pain, and saw a swollen area on my hand that quickly became a bruise from a broken blood vessel. My friend was also pushing a stroller and asked me why I kept looking at my hand - I said I just broke a blood vessel if you can believe it.

Very strange. It is frustrating to have these things happen to us and you never quite get an answer for it sometimes or a solution; but it's definitely worth talking to a doctor about in my opinion.
i my self am like clare, i would say mine is due to medication, im bruised all over and i mean full of bruises,But if you think your bruising out of the ordenery then you should be consulting your gp, inless you have been bumping into things :hehe:

Lin x
i have been doing this for a long time this time it was large went to gp yesterday she said thinks i have a problem with my blood vessels like one of the other ladys reply when it happen in my foot one time the doctor thought i was abused... i have had this even happen in my finger looked like i got in slamed in the door me and my husband watched as it turned blue strange my gp said for me to tell the reumatoligist when i see them...
i really think thats a good idea, like you my fingers at the ends bruise too weird hey

all the best with your rheumy Lin xx
The answer is hard but yes. I have found that I bruise easier and it takes longer to heal now. I have had a bruise on my shin for about 4 years now and I have not hit it or injuried it at all. My doctor says it is because my blood vein have moved closer to the surface of the skin, and that sometimes happens with lupus and other auto immune diseases. She also told me that it has a lot to do with that I am on my feet all the time.

I don't know if this helps you any but that is just what I know so far.
tammy yes my doctor told me it is a something to do with the blood veins and where the dermatoligist tooke the biopsys from my face nov 13 2008 they do not want to heal the one on my nose looks very bad my daughter said it s a flare up oh my biopsys out of 3 places on my face 2 of them said changes seen in lupus erythematosus the doctors thought i had le 4 years ago but my ana was neg. but i have been in pain for 10 years maybe this is my answer,,,
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