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Buffalo hump, and all my fault

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It's only been a few weeks since I was put back on prednisone and already the dreaded "buffalo hump" is back. Yes, I overeat and I'm 25-30 pounds overweight right now. I'm misery eating and find myself putting things in my mouth I don't even want. And now the hump at the base of my neck is growing again. This stime it's really huge and is starting to push my neck forward. It's painful physically and emotionally. I know how I look. I'm fat and now I have this hump growing again. The thing is visible. When it was bad before (I lost 50 pounds two years ago and it went way, way down and disappeared entirely when I went off pred) people would ask with a horrified voice "what's THAT on your neck??"

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr, I'm not helping myself. I know that. I'm venting, not looking for sympathy. I just have to groan about this somewhere, and this seems like a perfect spot. My lungs are still bad. My reflux is raging and I can't sleep because of it (2 a.m. here now). I'm just miserable.

I know the sun will rise, the pain will fade into a steady roar I can handle and life will go on. But right now I hurt so bad physically and emotionally.....this is no fun. I am seriously glad I have this place to come and vent. Thanks for listening.

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:there::hug: Sunny, I hope things look up for you soon.
Hi Sunny sorry to here that you are not to good the graet thing about this site is there is allways somebody to give you a little lift:grouphug2::hug:Hope you feel better soon Elisabeth

I'm sorry you're feeling so bad at the moment :sad: I hope you feel better soon.
sending you lots of sympathetic,healing hugs :there::flowery::hugbetter:

take good care
love karen x
Hey Sunny, I hope you feel better soon. Try not to misery eat, it is only making you worse and why do that. Try to eat healthy things when you must munch. \i know how hard it is.
x Lola
I'm sorry you feel so bad Sunny. Sending you gentle hugs and hope you have better days soon. :hugbetter:

Lots'a'luv, :hug:

Pam xxx

I am sorry that you are feeling so bad. :hug:

I know about that misery eating.:( I am now trying to put carrot sticks in my mouth. I have gained to much weight this year.

Take care and hang in there.
Love & Prayers,

Perhaps you start with calling it "it's correct name"? I have always read, and called my hump a Dowagers Hump. A Dowager is a powerfull woman who's husband has passed, and her children are next in line for succession to the throne. Much nicer that calling yourself a buffallo!

:eat:I am there with you, mad that I lost it, then gained all the wieght back on prednisone. I just can't leave junk food laying around in the house. I have to leave only fruits and nuts, occasionally grahmn crackers, and low fat cerel. I don't think we can stop eating, even if we desired to. Given this scenario, I think the best we can do is try to control just what goes in on these binges.

:pixiedust:Remember, you are a beautiful child of the universe, and you were not made of junk. No matter how you look physically, you still can love someone, and let them love you in return. That's what real beauty is!
It's NOT all your fault, it's that stupid pred and what it does. I am feeling really bloated coz I have had a lot of iv steroids lately, and I hate it too.


Repeat this 20x a day.

It is misery making though, so I really feel for you. Chin up, best foot forward, and if you can't, just make sure you aren't getting depressed (and if you do get some help).

best wishes

I agree with Raglet - IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! This is all happening because of the Lupus. You are not the Lupus. We all feel we could make better choices, etc. But in reality we all do the best we can. You don't get up in the morning and say, "I'm going to eat food that gives me a hump." Things happen during the day and you wind up eating food that contributes to the hump.
Sunny,:there: because I have that dreadful hump and I hate it!!!

I think you need to look in the mirror and say to yourself that you ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! I agree with Raglet-it is NOT your fault!!!!!:wink2:


When I developed the horrible hump I was devastated, I also gained an awfull lot of weight, psychologically it felt like the worst thing in the world, I think because its just so visible. Like has been said its not your fault, but I understand how you feel, I don't have any great advice but lots of hugs. :hug:
I never thought of calling it this before

Strange that you mention this. I too get that weird looking hump while being on prednisone. You have me laughing because after you mentioned this, I ran to my mirror and saw mine! I too have gained alot of weight being on those high doses. Hate prednisone but it seems to be the only drug right now that helps ease the crunch of lupus.
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