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burning painful rash on neck

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Hi, can anyone advise whether a burning rash on back of neck is due to lupus. Iv never had a rash over the 3yrs since I was told I was borderline lupus. Iv all the other symptoms ie joint pain, fatigue, protein and blood in urine. Recent blood tests show liver involvement and Im to have an ultrasound scan. Been feeling ill now for few weeks and have blood spots appearing all over body and now face is red over nose and cheeks and the back of my neck is burning and feels bruised to touch. I have a bright red rash spreading over the neck area. As I say Iv not had skin involvement before and wonder if I should see doc. My palms have also turned bright red and are hot. Bit worried about the liver inflammation. My GP wasnt sure why I was showing signs of liver disease. I dont drink alcohol. She contacted the rheumie about my blood results and he said to have liver scan. I know lupus can show differently at different times. Im just a bit worried because I feel more ill than usual. Sorry for rambling. Does anyone have experience of liver involvement and or a similar rash? x
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Hi Marydoll,

I'm sorry you are feeling so unwell.

I've not had the rash on the neck like you are describing, buthave had a few of the other rashes (malar and petechia/blood spots).

It sounds like you are not at all well at the moment. I'd encourage you to go back to the GP tomorrow and get checked ove again. Make sure that he looks at the rashes. You probably need to have your blood tested again in case the blood spots are a sign of very low platelets. This can happen with SLE, and also with liver problems so it is important that you get it checked.

What medications are you on at the moment?

Keep us updated.

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