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Can a malar rash last 30 minutes and be gone?

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Follow on question to one I posted yesterday... I've been having weird facial rash symptoms for past 4 weeks, which I'm unsure is lupus. (I have not yet been diagnosed and don't really have other symptoms, other than a "trace" pericardial effusion.) Occasionally, my face will "flare" into a burning rash that gives me a malar look, but also makes my chin, neck and ears red. I have noticed it after drinking alcohol and being overly warm. The rash lasts 30 minutes, maybe an hour max, and then fades completely. The only thing that remains is a small splotch on my lower left cheek. Any ideas? Does this sound lupus-like?
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Yes, a rash can be gone in 1/2 hour, 3 hours, whatever it chooses.
One rheumatologist I saw once, who did not stay on, told me that unless he saw a reaction happen, he didn't believe it happened. I proceeded to ask him if I should call him at 3 am when I woke up with a fever. He was not amused, neither was I. I told him if he had to see it, and I live an hour or more drive, then 3 am might be the best chance to see it happen when I could get there in about 40 minutes.
Needless to say, I didn't go back for another go round.

I must say that alcohol and lupus meds are not usually good companions. Sometimes the combination of meds and alcohol can cause major problems so it is wise to avoid alcohol when taking medications.
Thanks. I've taken to snapping pictures of it when it happens. As for the alcohol, I'm not on any I'm not sure if I just had an allergic reaction of some kind.
Hi Alki,


I hope you get an answer to your question - have you seen a doctor about this yet?

I can certainly not say it isn't lupus, but actually it sounds more like the first stage of rosacia to me - especially the reacting to warmth and alcohol, and being just tempoary/fleeting at this time.

The other thing in your favour of it not being lupus is that you don't have other symptoms beside the 'trace pericarditis'. Most people with lupus will have at least 4 of the ARC criteria (see the homepage of this site). So hopefully you are fine.

Still, being informed and asking questions are always good practices, and should you develop other symptoms, don't ignore them but seek medical advice.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Cath :) I have seen a couple doctors-- my primary care physician (whom I think is wonderful) as well as couple of dermatologists. The derms weren't helpful; one of them said it was contact dermititis; one of them said maybe eczema, maybe rosacea. Both said it didn't look like a malar rash but who knows... My PCP ran an ANA and sed rate and it was negative. However, I am going to do bloodwork every six months just to be sure... I appreciate your insight!
I was gonna say the same thing as sounds like rosacea to me due to the warmth and alcohol response. Obviously can't say for sure...that's just what came to mind :)

Good luck!

Hi Alki girl

This was a good question, I have wondered about this myself. It seems like mine gets real bad when I am sick.

I went to a dermatoligist to have it looked at. She said it didn't look like it was the mylar rash. That she could take a small sample of the skin and could find out for sure. I ran out of money so never had it done.

I was sick in the hospital and the nurses aid said I looked flush. I told her no It was my rash. Two weeks later it is fading. It is so crazy. I thought your rash is always there. I am new to this also.

Thanks again for the good information

Thanks everyone Ironically, a couple hours after typing my last response, I developed a weird mouth sore. It started as a small bump or blister, and has since opened into a painless ulcer. I think that's symptom #3, unfortunately!
It's always different I think with each of us. Mine is a blush!! I have had a really bad one two or three times but mostly it blushes up and goes away. My skin does hurt with paint fumes or cleaning fumes etc. I have very good skin tho generally due to a genetic flaw in my hands and feet. weird as it sounds the hands are so rough that they kind of exfoliate my body when I bathe lol :rotfl:

What a parlarver!! Hope things improve and you know for sure soon
I am sorry that you seem to be getting worse. I would say it is time to call the doctor and start looking into things as they are slowly getting worse. You are not in a full blown flare but are showing some signs that need to watched and looked after. It is possible for the rash to come and go in hours and even 30 minutes. When I am flaring it ranges from steady rash to several out breaks a day. I have found that lace seems to help break me out when it touches my skin.

I hope that you feel better soon. keep us posted.
I was glad to see this topic as I wondered about it myself. While I have previously had very mild rash, I am finding it coming more frequently: some days I look like a colourblind child's drawing of a racoon.
Since I am normally very pale, it is a no-brainer to deduce that I have the mylar rash when someone says, "Gee, you look healthy today!"
Thanks everyone. Today my rash broke out with a couple red bumps. They don't itch and are not painful. I went to the doctor with the pictures of my flare and the new bumps, and he instantly said it was rosacea. We will see. We redid blood work just to be sure... I should know by end of week.
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