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Seems my brain symptoms have stepped up a bit. It started out with a burning scalp, I was refered to a nuero. She put me on some pills to stop the burning . She ordered a MRI and tons of blood work. My eosinophils or what ever those are called were up. She was concerned about how high they were running. She wants to do a spinal tap next. I am having sharp pains in the back of my head, also my teeth will chatter when I am not even cold.
I wake up with what seems to be an adrenaline rush. I close my eyes and flashing lights are terrible. Can't go to sleep. They last for about 3 min. (was told it was AURA I have no headaches. Just a fuzzy feeling in my head, almost like I am on cold meds: with out being sleepy. Last and I appreciate you all listening to me. urrghh.. at least I can depend on you nice people. :) feels like my spine where it meets the head is bruised. It hurts bad. My next appointment is 2 weeks to see the nuero about all the test results. Should I call her and a let her know about the new symptoms?

Thank you all for enduring to the end of this message. It' helps to vent somewhere and get advice from such caring people. Look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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