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Hi Cath,

Don't give up your dreams of getting rid of pred fat and being fit. I have the same dream and i have been at this for a while, dieting, exercising etc.

In my opinion, exercise CAN help us a lot if we don't over do it. That is not easy to do. I have tried walking exercises, exercise bike,, treadmill, yoga. These are all low impact and though it may take a little longer to lose that weight it's great for toning the muscles and keeping them ready for your next workout.

Even with this,, I have to be mindful of what my body is saying. If while i'm in a workout and the fatigue is more than its worth, i cut it short. If i don't i will end up in a small flare that will keep me from working out for a week.

I had to work myself up from 15mins of low impact to 1 hour of low inpact. That took about a month. Now i'm at one hour on treadmill and exercise bike, still low impact, with some stretching after, to keep the muscles from getting achey.

Every time my muscles feel achey,, no matter what i'm doing or where i am,, I stop and stretch,, it REALLY HELPS.

So now I exercise everyother day, my goal is to do it daily and one day be able to actually lose weight from doing so. Right now I am just maintaining my weight which is good. That is usually because some fat has turned into muscle.. And since my scale can not tell the difference it registers the same. But eventually, if i continue the way i'm going i will lose weight as i go.

I have seen my daughters grandma go from being morbidly obese to a size smaller than me in just a couple of years. All she does is walk.. not very fast at that. I wish i was like her because she doesn't miss a day of walking on the treadmill. Now she's looking better than me :0 .

So I have learned from that to be consistant in every GOOD thing i do in the challenge to lose weight.

I hope this was helpful..

Take Care
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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