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Hi Biff,you have been great advice, but, yes you have to be carefull not to try to diagnose yourself. I smiled when you wrote; "my skeleton", that is what I alwaysthink but very seldom say, but how true it is. Knowledge is power, and at the front of this site, before you come to the message boards, there is a mountain of up to date info, that will you understand an awful lot. I really want you to know that you
are not alone, never. I know that a lot of times I feel like everyone thinks I am nuts, but here, at this site, it doesn't matter wether I know the person that answers me or not, I
am always made to feel important and that people care. At
this site everyone is here to help and support everyone else.So, post anytime you want or need to and with any question, it doesn't matter what, we are here to help you.
Be well and smile:wink2::rolleyes:
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