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cant stand it anymore!!!!

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right i have officially had it. :mad:my head is getting worse and my neck hurts. i am still having pain everywhere:sad:. and now i am fainting. to make matters worse i fainted at work, halfway through my shift, in front of everyone staff and patients. :eek:
i am going back to dr in morning and demanding some decent pain relief . i am tired grumpy and stressed .
sorry for yet another rant but its getting me down, i just want to cry but cant in front of kids
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Oh dear Angie (((((hugs))))))

It does sound as if you do need that pain relief. How much are you working right now? Would taking a little time off or at reduced hours be an option?

You really need to think about all this seriously with your doc.
Stay determined and do go and see him tomorrow.

hugs :hug:
Hi Angie,

Call first thing in the morning for an appointment. There has to be something more the doctor can do for you. I hope you get some relief soon.

Have you had an MRI to see if anything is out of the norm?

Take care,
Angie Angie,
Hon take a deep breath, are you sure your not pregnant? Sorry had to ask, lol. Angie have you tried the chiro? Please, do consider seeing one as sometimes they can make things feel so much better than the medicines can. As for you fainting in front of everyone it happens. You can go back to work and say see what you have to do to get time off from work and they will all laugh and it will be passed off as you were tired. You can tell the patients that you just wanted to spend more time with them, maybe share a room with one of them lol. Angie it is ok and it will be ok you have to have time to heal that is all. Let me know how you are doing and if you did try a chiro for some relief please. I hope you feel better soon.
I was wondering the same as LazyLegs. Have you had a MRI done? Fainting is concerning and I am not sure if this is just from pain. Do you feel like the pain is making you faint/pass out?

I do agree to call first thing in the morning and you need to get to the bottom of this. It is scary and I am afriad this could happen while your out or posisbily driving.

Keep us posted please. Thinking of you and hope you get along ok.
(((((angie))))) :( :hug:

This is not tolerable and there is probably something your GP can do for you whilst you await the Rheumy appt which is pretty soon I think?

I remember passing out a couple of times from the severe pain when it all began for me. I was given some relief initially with codeine, but once it became clearer there was an inflammatory cause, then NSAIDS helped me whilst we were sorting through things.

I hope you can get some relief soon. NSAIDS or codeine won't interfere with any antibody tests the doc will run on you but Prednisone could, so bear that in mind.


hi all . i went to gp this morning and have had meds changed . off the ibruprofen and onto diclefenic. also gave me mild antisickness cos of nausea. only had one lot and feel ever so slightly better. i should be rattling soon:rotfl:.
have to go back end of week.for review.
Also been told to stay of work until everthing settles down. which i am doing, found out i wont lose basic pay just enhancments.
thanx agian for all support i get here:bow::bow:
Hi Angie,

Glad the appointment went well and hope the new meds work.
Have you had a MRI done in the past?
that's good news Angie, I'm glad to hear that the doc took you seriously and also that you'll be resting this week.

It's great that you're also going back for a review :)

no havnt had MRI but had CT done about 2 yrs ago cos of massive headache also 8 LP in one day:eek:

I'm glad youve been prescribed another NSAID and hopefully it will continue working!

You can also take Paracetamol alongside the NSAID to give an extra boost to the pain control.

Take care!
8 LP's in one day :eek: was the doc who did them blind or something :eek:

Glad you got some meds to help whilst you are waiting this appt out.

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