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Hi Pamela,

I used to have this problem but it was before treatment when in fact I felt nauseous most of the time and for no particular reason; driving was just the icing on the cake. I was better driving than as a passenger. For me, it really was a case of exhaustion I think. I was also very nauseous in the morning and if I hadn't eaten for a while - the number of times I had to break open a soja drink think while doing the shopping was just silly!

Another thing that could be going on is a kind of balance/orientation problem (sorry I don't know the proper term). I had that ages ago when I was still working with horses and suddenly I couldn't look at horses going around in a circle around me or I'd feel sick and dizzy. I had some special type of physio which involved lots of weird flashing and revolving lights and put everything back in place. I know I'm explaining this very badly...

It could also be a problem in the inner ear...

I'd ask your GP as it might be something quite easily solved and most likely not related to lupus at all.

hugs :hug: and hope you find a solution soon as it really is very annoying in country areas with windy roads (that us too).

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