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Hi i have been to 3 diffrent pharmasits and i cant get carisoprodol the last one said that they are not making them anymore as they have been withdrawen.Has any one else had a problem with them the parmasist said that they had been selling them without a licence i tried getting on to the address that is on the leaflet that you get in the box but i could not get any information on the internet about it being withdrawen will any body that knows any thing about it will they let me know Elisabeth
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Hi elisabeth,


it mentions a EU ban June 2008!

Hi Elizabeth

Is this the same drug you mentioned before that an American doctor prescribed ?
It says in the Wikipedia article that benzodiazepams are preferred in the UK.

I find it alarming that a doctor should prescribe a medicine that has been banned. It certainly doesn't inspire confidence in their knowledge or being up to date but I might have misunderstood.
I suggest you see your GP and have a thorough revision of all this group of meds that you take. It can quite easily happen that there's over prescribing or simply that they could be reduced or exchanged for just as effective ones. Maybe a pain management centre would give better advice than the GP.

All the best
Hi Clare yes that is the same one i asked about in another post the last post was because the chemist did not have them in 125mg so he gave me a 350mg.i have been cutting them in half as hubby was not happy when they put them up from a low dose to a higher dose i will phone him on monday as he does not work a friday thanks for the post Lesley Elisabeth
I am sorry to hear they are banned in the UK. They are the only muscle relaxer that truly works for me. There is some interaction with certain medications and an increased risk of stroke if I remember correctly. I wonder if that is part of the reason for the ban. Many patients do well on Flexeril aka Cyclobenzaprine and Baclofen aka Cyclobenzaprine. In fact Flexeril (brand name in USA) is the most prescribed muscle relaxant for Fibromyalgia type pain.

I hope that your doctor has prescribed you an alternative muscle relaxer by now.

Take care,
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