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hi there people!!!:).Im new here and here is more about me im 29yrs,mum of 3 fab kids and unfortunately i have rheumatoid arthritis,lupus sle and gastritis.I was diagnoised with r.arthritis and lupus at the age of 19.At the time i had no idea how serious both illnesses are.I was a single mum to my eldest child and seemed to be able to cope.I then had my 2nd child in 2003,married in 2004 and during my 3rd pregnancy my health went downhill very fast.A few months later i was finally sent to hospital where they carried out many tests due to my symptons and they discovered that i have had 2 tia's (mini strokes).I am now on immunosuppressants,high dose steroids,pain relief and simvastatin.It is very scary being in such a vulnerable state and not knowing any1 in the same position.I look 4ward to meeting u all;)
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Hi Catlady,

Welcome to the site. I"m sorry to hear you have been diagnosed. You are in the right place for support and information. I have been coming to this site regularly for almost 3 yrs now. This is my second home, where everyon here is my family.

I hope you find this site as enjoyable as i have.

Take care of yourself

Hope to see you in chat room soon.
Hi there Catlady

Welcome to the Forum. Im sure you will find this place of immense support to you. You certainly have your hands full with your health and looking after three young children. It is indeed very scary to feel so vulnerable but I hope you will gain strength and comfort from the wonderful members here around the world.

I look forward to getting to know you and once again, welcome to our community :)

Luv n stuff
:love2:HI there,

:welcome: to this wonderful site... You will meet wonderful people on the site... They are warm and friendly and very supportive... There is also a lot of up to date information in here also.. If you want to talk to people one to one try going to the chat room... Hope to chat with you...

:love2: love Penny
Hi Catlady,
Hello and Welcome!
As other have said this really is a great place for advice, info and support from some really great people.

Hope it helps being here, i'm sure it will.

Take Care

Cassie :)

hi catlady

im sorry to hear its been rough healthwise over the years for you but glad you have found this site. I have been recently diagnosed and have found the support and understanding, not to mention the knowledge amazing through the people on this site.

take care annie
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