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Celexa during pregnancy? Is it safe??

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Hi everyone!! First of all, I am not pregnant, that I know of for certain. I am actually not even late yet. I'm due for menstrual 2/05, however, my breasts are so swollen and achy, I have a really big feeling... Anyway, I take 40mg celexa at night, is this safe to take, I'd hate to stop taking it if I'm not, but I would never forgive myself if I am preg and something happens to the baby because I didn't stop.

Actually, I had a baby girl 1/07/2008, in July hubby had vasectomy, was told after 20 times to come in for a count. We made it to 15 times early January, then decided that was enough and no longer needed other protection (spermicide insert). We had unprotected 3 times right at ovulation time week, and I'm just very nervous/ anxious/concerned. The same thing happened with last surprise pregnancy, we had unprotected 1 time and I got pregnant. I knew 10 days before I was even late because of the way my breasts felt. I am not nursing, she weaned herself at 6-7 months. Can't see why my brteats are so swollen and heavy and nipples starting to darken if I am not. Anyway, I stopped taking the anti-inflammatory just incase, but the celexa helps me a lot. Should I stop taking it incase, or don't worry about it until I take a HPT on Feb 5th if needed?? Thank you so much for your help on this!!
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Hello Brandy

I'm sorry about your worry and hope you can contact whichever physician prescribes the Celexa for expert advice in your particular case and hopefully, reassurance. All drugs involve a risk /benefit calculation. A very quick Google suggests that any problems are more likely to occur when it is taken in the third trimestre.
There's also the question of the adverse effects on you of stopping it suddenly which is probably not a good idea but I don't know for sure.

I hope very much that all turns out well.

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