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Cellcept and dropping sodium levels

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Hello all

I have been on cellcept for 2 weeks now one-a week on 500mg and a week on 1000mg. My rheumatologist has ordered fortnightly blood test and my local doc has just phone as he is concerned that the results of the first blood test show dropping sodium levels. He has faxed the results to my Rheumy so am waiting to here if this means I need to stop/reduce/change medication:(

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Thanks Rachel
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Hi Rachel,

I am on Cell Cept also and have not experienced a drop in sodium levels.

Hope you hear back from the rheumy quickly. Let us know if you find anything out.

Take care,
I've been taking 2000mg of CellCept daily since October last year, i had the same issues and my rhemo said it would level its self out and it did.
Still taking it now.

yeah someone else has had this too!!!

my rheumy told me to carry on with the cellcept and fortnighty blood tests and see how it goes-fingers crossed i am like you!!:)

It will be fine i have everything crossed foryou as CellCept is good drug for helping with Lupus and it would be a shameto have to change.

Hello Rachel

I looked it up and saw low sodium levels occuring in 11% of cases being treated with Cellcept for transplants. Presumably they are on much higher doses. I also looked up treating low sodium and it seems there are several approaches depending on what the cause is.
So I hope you won't have to stop taking it and that it does you the world of good

Many Hugs
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