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Changing MD

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My doctor, the one who found I had SLE after decades of my being a "medical mystery", has retired. I see the new MD on Thurday morning.
I ask your prayers.
I am definitely not feeling "anxious". I am completely scared stiff! I really have no desire to have a mdico decide that I am not a "textbook Lupi" but a "medical mystery" again.
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Wishing you all the luck and confidence you need to get through this change Douglas.

Certainly, many of us share your fear of switching doctors for various reasons! Hopefully this doctor is a winner and may have additional
treatment suggestions that may help you even more. Just trying to think
positive here... ;)
Best of luck Douglas

I'll be thinking of you. One wrong word out of his mouth and I reckon you should run him over on your bike - accidentally of course ;)

Good Luck!

Hi Douglas,

I understand totally. Just went through the same thing seeing my temporary neuro. Fortunately it turned out alright. Hopefully your appointment will go just as well. Let us know.

Take care,
Hi Douglas,:hug:

I know that scared stiff feeling all to well. Maybe he will be so much better than your old doctor.
Sending prayers your way.


I sympathize with your predicament:worried:. I hope this new Dr. turns out to be a good one. Is the new Dr. affiliated with, or been recommended by your old Dr.? I second what Joan said about running him over on your bike if he's an idiot, if that doesn't work, you could trip him with your cane:hehe:. Wishing you all the best.
Thank you!

Thank you for your prayers and wishes. I have just returned from seeing the new MD and it went better than one could ever imagine. He is simply picking up where Dr Wharton left off. Other than a shock when he said the office was moving soon, all was serene. Actually the new spot is not much further away than the present one. So another chapter begins, appropriately on the day our visiting daughter, her husband and the wonderful grandson left to return to Missouri.
In our lives, each new chapter has been better than the previous one so I have hopes for this.
Again, my thanks.
I am so pleased for you. :)
I hope things continue to be so positive.
Hi Douglas,

I'm really glad to hear it went well. It can be so worrying changing doc even when one doesn't have lupus!

and long may that "each chapter better than the last" continue :)
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