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Here is a copy of Joanne's post about conduct in our Chat Room. Joanne is the site founder and owner.
There is a chat room PM system accessed by double left clicking on the member's name.

Please use PM's for purely personal discussions for example about arrangements to meet up. This is of no interest to the other chatters and effectively excludes them.

Please do not risk embarrassing members by referring in open chat to information that they have given to you privately or in previous chat sessions. Reference can of course be made to matters that they have publically posted about on the forum.

Please never talk about or ask about members in their absence.

Please be mindful of the possibility of upsetting other chatters by referring to very personal although general issues when you are not familiar with their circumstances. To take a random and not current example, talking about your attempts to conceive would be out of place if other chatters happen to be unable to have children.

Topics like this and questions about intimate relations are best asked on the forum.

Please introduce yourself to any newcomers and if you are a newcomer. The only personal information that is expected is your age, sex and which country you live in or come from and some account of your lupus situation. You do not have to answer any other questions.

If you encounter problems in chat please note the name of the chatter involved & a note of who else was present and inform the Moderators.

And no text speak in chat - that means none of those short forms such as ' B4' for before, or 'm8' for mate. There are however a few acceptable abbreviations, listed somewhere - I'll look it out ! :)

Thank you :)


For the Moderators

I am concerned by reports from my moderators of unacceptable conduct in chat from time to time by certain members.

We are determined to keep chat a safe, pleasant and supportive environment for lupus sufferers, their families and friends.

Please bear in mind the following-

* The rule about no discussion of, or joking references to, sex, politics or religion will be strictly enforced.

* Everyone must be treated with courtesy and respect.

* Chatroom etiquette requires that incomers and newcomers are greeted and introductions made as necessary. Every effort must be made to encourage participation, to help and reassure newcomers, and give people the opportunity to talk about their problems.

* This is also for our members' security. Only registered members can join chat but we have no control over who registers. Do not give out personal identifying details in chat or on the forum.

* Arguments are not allowed. Harassment of moderators or other chatters through PM's is not acceptable.

* No discussion of others in their absence.

* Cliques are detrimental to the supportive welcoming nature of chat as they can make other members feel left out when there is no common interest in the topics being discussed.

* Language must be moderate and incapable of causing offence to anybody: think job interviews or national news broadcasts.

* If you leave chat for a short while please remember to say BRB ( Be Right Back ).

* If you leave chat please remember to sign out ( the blue door bottom right )

* Sales and promotions are not permitted, nor are attempts to put people off their current medications and adopt alternative remedies.

* Researchers are not welcome : please ignore anybody like this; do not answer their questions. Make a note of their screen name & report them to the moderators.

* The moderators are entitled to respect . They are dedicated volunteers with their own problems. They are trusted to use their judgement and discretion in everybody's interests with the aim of maintaining the excellence of the site, forum and chat room

* Please cooperate with us in this aim. There can't be a continuous moderating presence so we do rely on members to let us know when there are problems.

Thank you

Joanne :)
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