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chest infection or Pleurisy

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Been to doctor regarding having a cold for 3 weeks, and i was having chest pains it felt like i had alot of pressure on my chest well went to dr he goes it's a chest infection but pain is on left side only. Any help i think it's Pleurisy as i carnt breath propley.
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heya, just to reassure you, if your dr listened to your chest then he can rule out pleurisy as they can hear it. have you got antibiotics for the infection? did you give a sputum sample? lots of love xxx
It sounds to me like your doctor probably got it right. Pleurisy for me has always been an extremely sharp stabbing pain in my chest that makes you think you're having a heart attack. It's produced mostly when I breathe in so you try to not take deep breaths as the pain is much worse then...

Hopefully you were given antibiotics and they will clear it up for you.
I dont want to scare you, but please keep a close watch as when I had chest pain/pressure/short of breath, cough, it was a few things combined, one being pulmonary embolism. The other being pleursy and pericarditis. I was very suprised when they said I had clots in my lungs. Do be very cautious.
Hoping you feel some relief soon...
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