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I have costochondritis, it's an inflammation in the cartlidge that keeps the ribs together rofl, or rather, is in between the ribs :hehe:

It is a lot like what you are describing. very tender ribs, when pressed, pain is there all the time til it eases, squashed feeling, yep I would say I feel squashed, maybe that's because I sit or lay to compensate for it, sometimes mine goes into my back, shoulder blade area, but I have arthritis too, so that could explain the back pain, I'm unlucky it sometimes happens on both sides, usually just the one side but I have had it both sides together, it's very painful. I am suffering with it at the moment, & takes weeks to ease for me, I am unable to take anti inflammatries, they do help, they take the inflammation out.

It's best to rest, it helps to ease it. any form of exercise of the chest can aggravate it again.

I hope it goes away soon for you :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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