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"Chest" pain.....??????

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Twice now, within that passed few weeks, I have experienced this HORRIBLE pain in my chest. I feel like it is in my brochial area vs. my lungs. It comes on suddenly, increases, becomes unbearable, and then subsides. It brings tears to my eyes, it gets so bad. The best way that I could describe it is the feeling that you get when you have bronchitis in the COLD months and you go to cough and you get that "burning" pain down the center...and this pain goes up and ends in my bottom teeth. I don't really know any other way to describe this. I have an appt tomorrow w/ my regular family doctor, but I was just wondering if this is something that MAYBE...JUST MAYBE ,...someone else may encounter.

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Hi Kerry,

I am glad you have an appointment with your GP tomorrow.
Chest pain should be taken seriously.

I have had chest pain and I know how painful it can be.

Please let us know what your GP says.

Hi Kerry

It sounds like it might be costochondritis which is unfortunately fairly common in Lupus. Of course ALL chest pains must be checked out as its impossible to tell if they are from a more serious cause, like heart problems so its great that you have your appointment.

When I was in hospital recently with chest pains they asked if the pain was relieved by moving certain ways. If it is, usually that can be an indicator that its more likely to be inflammation related than heart related.

If the pain is from inflammation it is likely that you will be given anti inflammatories to treat it. I sure hope it goes away for you soon because it sounds very painful.

Let us know what your doctor says

Take care
HI Kerry,

The other thing I wondered about is maybe esophageal spasms? Do you take anything to protect the stomache (like ranitiadine or omeprazole)?

I get these spasms if I stop taking omeprazole, or drink too much coffee. They can be really really painful, and build up just like you describe. You'd feel it in the midline of the chest and possible radiating into the throat and/or back.

It is a good idea to get it checked out and at the very least get cardiac causes ruled out.

All the best,

I had horrible chest pains as a kid (12 - 13 years old, I think? Maybe earlier) and they found swelling around my heart, like a sack of fluid, I think it was. Have you gotten it checked out yet? Let us know.
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