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Chest pains Stitch Like and Ongoing Breathing Probs

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Hope you can put my mind at rest, I have all of the symptoms of Lupus but in Norway they will not diagnose without raised ANA. Many of the other revelant blood tests come back to suggest Lupus continually over the past 4 yrs and I have all the other symptoms but cannot be treated due to this missing test. I have raynaurds, sinusitus, psoriasis and rashes (facial and chest), athritis and anemia, these have all been diagnosed. We are simply waiting for the raised ANA.

I have always suffered with a pushing pressing feeling on my chest, a real tightness and I was told the muscles were contracted and would not relax, it was not dangerous and just another Lupus symptom.

For the past month I have been having a stitch type pains mostly on the right under my breast but also the other side sometimes this pain also happens on my shoulder area at the same time. The pain is stabbing and sharp and if I breathe slowly they eventually pass but my godness it hurts, pain can last anything from a minute to 10 before I go back to breathing normally. Also I am breathless a lot when I should not be, I am a fit woman who swims and rides horses on my good days but I am finding just walking through the barn can leave me suddenly gasping for breath and it hurts to breathe deeply mostly on the right (different from the stabbing stich pain). I have had to employ a groom to take care of my horses and do the barn work and ride when I am not able due to my illness.

I occassionally also get breathless, dizzy and feel I am going to faint all at the same time, when this happens I feel like I might lose control of my bladder. This takes around 5 mins to fully pass and happens on average every few months.

I am starting to get scared, I have selective Iga and I know I am at extra risk of developing lung problems. I am just so sick and tired of going to my Rhumy or GP and being told there there keep taking the Tramadol and anti inflamatories and wait on more blood tests for raised ANA which always come back ok (for 4 yrs). It is so depressing to go and see my GP, he is so good but his hands are tied and it really gets me down. What could this be, should I go, could it be something serious?
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I'm not entirely sure what it could be, especially given the brief time period this pain afflicts you. There are a variety of tests that could be carried out to narrow it down, so if these symptoms are new to you and have not been investigated in the recent past then it's worth another trip to the doctor.

Have you asked the doctors if they would consider a UCTD diagnosis and treat accordingly to that to see if it helps your symptoms? The plaquenil, taken over the course of a few years, has helped greatly reduce my pleuritis attacks for instance which sounds somewhat similar to what you describe except it always lasted a least a few consecutive days for me. It has also nearly eliminated rashes on arms/chest/neck/face, and reduced joint pain too.

Good luck and post back to let me know how it's going. Take care...
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