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hi my daughter has got chickenpox (yeah):eek: . My question is am i more suseptable to catching something like this? i had a jab while i was pregnant and had it when i was a child. problem is in my job aswell i come into contact with alot of neutropenic patients so if i can carry it i cant go to work. on another subject i have had a meeting with my manager and she has finally refered me to occie health at last. i did a long shift and was in tears hlf way through afternoon. the sister in charge pretended not to hear me when i asked to go home at 6:mad:. there was plenty of staff she knows whats going on and by the end of the shift i was so tired and achy i could hardly walk:(. i am so stressy and snappy at the moment cant wait for 26th hopfully get some answers
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If you had it as a child, then your chances of getting chicken pox again are very small, almost next to zero risk. There are those very rare people that do catch it more than once, but extremely rare. If you are on chemotherapy treatment or hadn't had it as a child then you'd want to talk to your doctor right away, but I don't think those apply to you. Hope your daughter feels better soon!
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