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Chills and fever

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Does anyone have a problem with this? I can't seem to get warm and is this a sign of a flare? I've had the chills so bad at night even with a heating pad I"m waking up freezing I can't get warm. I shiver all the time. I also run a low grade fever.
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Hi Set,

Running a low grade fever is quite common with Lupus until it's under better control. That aside though it's probably a good idea to have a urinalysis and make sure you havent got some kind of lingering urinary tract thing going on, they exhibit similar symptoms.

Hope you feel better soon.

I think our thermostats are broken :hehe: it's seems to be a common complaint amongst us, but best to check thats what it is.

Hi Set, Lily must think like my husband, he say's that I don't have a thermostat. I just chalk this up to Raynauds, but I didn't think that it got this bad. I live in Florida, and we had a short cold spell, I was in bed with heave nitegown,socks,bathrobe, sheet,electric blanket,bedspread, and two heavy blankets doubled, and I was still cold. Once I warm up, I can usually stay that way. It has never preseeded a flair for me, but yes it is common , for me anyway. I hope that you get thru this quickly.
I used to be cold all the time until I had a endometrial ablation,since then I have always been warm. I did go through a month of fever and chills and it was a indicator of trouble ahead for me. I have had a raging infection in several parts of my body that we finally got under control during my hospital stay. My fever and chills are now gone.:)
So, you may have an infection brewing and it is better to be safe than sorry. Get in and see your gp asap.

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