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Chills every day

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Hi guys, havent posted for some time now. Is it normal with lupus to have chills off and on every day, with really no apparent infection? I dont know if I am in a flare or not, I did have shingles over a week ago and before that a kidney infection so what should I think. My raynauds has also kicked in. I am typing this with fingerless gloves on right now. :(
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:ermm: I too get chills, sometimes every day, then I'll have times that they aren't as bad. I usually get them when I am up and active, usually not when I'm resting.

I'm not sure what causes them but I have learned to live with them, I guess.

We all have to learn to live with a lot of things other don't have to. :(

I strive to make the best out of every day!

Hi Jane,

Sounds like you have had a rough time lately. I hope things start to turn around for you soon.

I get the chills too, but not everyday. They come on more so when I am tired. It's my sign it is time to rest for a bit.

Take care,

Sometimes it's common for us to get the chills for no apparent reason. However seeing as you had a recent kidney infection if this goes on I would go and get another urinlaysis just to make sure you got rid of it properly. Sometimes we have to take twice as strong and twice as long antibiotics' to get rid of things like that. Kidney infections are notorious for hanging around and grumbling away after a course of antibiotics.

hi everyone

I've had chills on an off for years now, me too it is my Q to get some rest. Hope you're feeling better soon.
Bye for now
Micheline :shrug:
Thanks for the replies

Thank you for all your replies, I have a suspicion it might be kidney infection again. Have a good day all.:)
When all of you get chills do you ever take your temps? My reason for asking was that when I got ill, at times instead of a fever, I would drop my temp down as low as 95.3. I routinely run a lower than normal temp. I would get so cold I had a hard time warming up. Only when I could document them, was my doctor able to help with figuring out what was going on.
Hi Pink Pearl, yes thats what happens with me. My temp. is usually below the norm but I am freezing and cant warm up unless I take a hot bath. What does this mean, does anyone know?:worried:
I get get cold and hot flashes but not sure if it is lupus or medapause lol. Well, I would call my doctor and see if they think you need to be seen. They want labs again to see if there is anything still going on.
Hi Jane,

Have you had your thyroid checked recently? A malfunctioning thyroid can lower the body temperature. On your next visit I suggest you mention your not being able to warm up to the doctor.

Take care,
My suggestion is to go further, chart your temps when you get really chilled. Then, take it in at your next appt. Go over with your doctor the things that could cause it.

Usually, if you have the dates, times, and your temp, they have to face it, rather than just saying that you get "chills". Seeing the numbers makes it specific and not something to just brush off.
Good luck,
i to get chills usualy after exercise, some times even in the bath im cold. i just use it as an excuse to get a cuddle from my better half[every cloud has a silver lining] keep your chin up and keep smiling:wink2:
I typically do not get chills unless it is associated with a fever and infection.

I hope your doing a little better.

Thank god for the fingerless gloves huh!
I'm another one with chills and also the sweats. I will get them after the sun goes down for 3 or 4 days in a row, then they will stop for several days and then start up again. I just assume its the Lupus.
Are you just feeling cold or are you taking your temp and documenting that it is a "dropped fever"? My body's reaction to some illnesses is instead of running a fever, I "drop" it. I have gone down as low as 93.5. So, instead of lumping it into "chills", I would take my temp and then know if I am just feeling chilly, or am I really showing a lower than "normal" temp. My doctors and I finally realized that since I routinely run a low temp, my body will sometimes react and reduce my temp, instead of running a high fever.

Each one of us is different, and our bodies react differently too.
I've also experienced this very recently. I get these bone chilling chills that I can't warm up with. It feels like I have been out in very damp cold weather and just can't get warm. I've never thought to take my temperature but just did and it is only a little lower 97.5 but will try it the next time I get the real chills.
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