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I have found that, for me, massage works wonders. I am lucky to have found a massage therapist who did a lot of research on sle before I started to see her. She works to relax the immune/lymph system and keeps the knots in muscles out as much as possible. I have found that seeing her every other week works well for me and keeps my joints moving.

My rheumy and pulmonologist were in total agreement that massage can work to help the system calm down more than some other things can.
We've also found that my chemo reactions are lessened with routine massage, and can help to work, what my cousin calls "the garbage truck brigade," to clean up all the dead inflammatory cells left by chemo.

I've reached the concept that if it works, then it is the right thing to do. Just don't have anyone work in a way to stimulate the immune system. We need to calm it down, not activate it.
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