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Thank you ladies..

I was discharged yesterday and after a week its good to be home.

I have been unwell for a long time and after seeing my consultant wed he admitted me there and then...

After brain mri,s,ultra sounds of the heart etc ecg etc...they discovered the vasculitis has been attacking parts of the brain..

my lupus was so active so all in all they needed to sort me...i had no reflects in my feet and my ties were numb too..

so when all the results came back treatemt was started whicg involved a 4 hour drip of methal pred and then the starting of the i v

That will continue every 2 weeks then every 4 weeks until aug...

I am feeling ok very tired but i have been told to expect that...

thank you for thinking of rm x x
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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