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Christmas cookery

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To all chefs out there,does anyone have a recipe for that lovely sweet red cabbage that you get in restaurants sometimes?love that.
Or,if not,does anyone have a good Christmas cake recipe?may attempt that this year,the in- laws(sorry,out- laws) are coming to stay and I have to give them food poisoning obviously don't I?just joking...really!!:)
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Hi Julsie,

I just bought such a thing from Morrisons today - red cabbage with apple, juniper berries, small onions, raisins etc. It was lovely & at the moment I'm all for the short cut method!


Pam xxx
That sounds really good ! I like the trimmings even more than the meat. I'll get a little for myself since nobody else likes red cabbage. I don't know what you get in restaurants since we rarely eat out, but I did have a good recipe for red cabbage with apple. I'll see if I can find it.

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