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((((((((CAD)))))))) Unremitting pain is so difficult to bear. It gets into your sleep and you find there's no place to get away from it. Exhausting! Yes, I can imagine being in very bad pain even with a big variety of pain meds. Not much helped me until I was put on a schedule of pain meds -- four daily doses of Neurontin for the nerve component and three doses of 30 mg time release morphine (ms contin). I still have pain. But most of the time it's manageable. I am able to have some quality of life. You have to get ahead of the pain because playing catch-up is just impossible.

I agree that prednisone might help you. A steroid shot is what I always need to stop the build up of pain I sometimes get.

If you can find a pain clinic or doctor, make an appointment and go. As for the dental work, the general anesthesia might be the very thing to stop the pain cycle. It would turn everything off bigtime for a while and that might work. I have a friend who, when her pain reaches an out of control level, goes to the ER and gets a huge shot of demerol or dilaudid. Puts her in bed for the day, but breaks the cycle and lets her get back to normal levels of pain.

Ultimately, we all have to find what works best for us individually. I have found that some bad days call for a dark, cool room and a towel over my eyes. Other bad days, I need to be distracted. I go for coffee with a friend or sew or .... something.

I wish I could stop the pain and make you feel like a healthy person. Or tell you some magic formula. Believe me, if I knew how to "fix" chronic and extreme pain I would -- for everybody on earth. And I'd do it for free. All I can do is tell you I've been there and will be there again -- just a matter of time. And I do feel your pain and I wish the very best for you.

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