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Chronic urticaria?

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Hi everyone!

Would like to ask if anyone has any advice on the matter. Have been on cetrizine (antihistamine) tablets for last couple of weeks as docs think I may have chronic urticaria depending on if tablets work.

Nothing seems to have changed apart from getting really bad headaches and dizzyness again which the gabapentin tablets seemed to have eased before I were given these new tablets. ( I am taking both tablets now).

How long should I give these cetrizine tablets?:worried:

Many thanks for reading

Mrs M xx
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Hi there

I have had chronic urticaria for years although it is not as bad as it used to be. I have also taken cetirizine for years too. I take one tablet (they are only one a day) only when I need them which might be about three times a week - usually when I start feeling itchy and get those red, hot patches of skin.......Antihistamines, to my knowledge, are taken as needed and so it is hard to say how long you should take them for....I would imagine they would be withdrawn when your urticaria abates - or perhaps when it quietens you can take them less often and only as needed.

I hope this helps and I hope that you feel better soon.

Best wishes

PS....Just to reassure you....just because i have taken antihistamines for years does not mean that you will have to....everybody is different with urticaria I would imagine. Mine is very much better than it used to be and I am sure that yours will quieten down too......Perhaps only your GP can tell you how long you need take them.....Hope it clears up soon. Take care.
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Mrs M,

I started off on cetrizine for chronic urticaria symptoms - was told that before they knew whether it was really working would have to use it for about a month!

Now I take Fexfenodine 180mg per day, which is far stronger and has a better effect! I asked recently how long I should remain on this drug (or similar) and was told 'perhaps life'.

I think for me the summer heat/rays acentuates the problems, so at the moment i feel like a fake taking this drug, but as i have no adverse side effects I am doing as my GP and Immunologists say!

Take care!

Thanks Liberty and Lesley!;)

I have to take two cetrizine a day and the immunologist gave me a months supply and told me to go to GP after that. Think I might have to make an appoinment with GP in next couple of days just to check on these almighty headaches I seem to have at the moment and make sure that it's not caused by the cetrizine:(

Thankyou once again:):):)

Mrs M xx
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