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Clinical Trial - Atacicept

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to update you on an exciting opportunity I have been given. I have in recent months experienced some neurological deterioration (eyesight failing, tremor worsening, more recently headaches and dizzy spells) which I have already posted about. I went to my GP, who referred me to a neurologist and told me to bring my rheumy appt forward. Nothing from the neurologist but a clean brain scan. However, my rheumy got the radiologist to blow up the cerebellar area and they reported "possible" sle lesions. Anyway, she has reassessed me and offered me the chance to partake in the clinical trial she is conducting for a drug being developed for RA and SLE. I have signed on (not much to lose, and free bloods and rheumy visits plus travelling money!) and am currently on a blast of prednisone with a taper to test if it is SLE causing my symptoms (rather than on of my other lurgies). If I do not deteriorate any further, that qualifies me for the trial. I am also just checking if being on such a trial compromises my disability insurance, so watch this space!

Love Rose
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It is good news for you, I hope the trial works out well for you. I hope that your test work out well and that you find answers for your problems.
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