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This is yummy for summer:)
seashell noodles
tomatoes-cherry or grape
black olives pitted
feta cheese or fresh parmesan cheese
italian dressing

Boil the noodles,rinse with cold water and let chill.
Cut the cumcumbers in cubes, slice olives and add these with tomatoes and whatever other veggies you might like.
You also could add coldcuts too.
Then toss with noodles and dressing.
Top with the cheese you prefer.
Yummy and it keeps for a couple of days!!!
Our family keeps it simple because that is our taste, but spice it up:)


Share your yummy cold salads!!!!

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Hi Becca,

I've actually been really off my food the past couple of days but h=this really did get my tastebuds tingling :)
Will definately give it a go when i'm feeling a bit better.

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