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Hi all

I''ll try my best to keep this brief.

Today I received a letter about my heart test results.
This was the first line of feedback for my long awaited news.
(I have not contacted the GP for my test results due to emotional sloth and expected her to contact me with any good or bad news)

(The tests were in two different places and I received this letter this afternoon)

WE have now received the results of your tests.
An appointment has been made for you as follows

etc etc

Please bring with you urine meds
( etc etc )
to appointment.
AND thats it!!

Is it me or is this the correct protocol. No call from my GP. No explaination of the results of my ultrasound and also my 24 hour monitor heart test.

Its a bit surreal really . Is this wrong or have I missed something?


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Nicky, I have to say that is odd. What a long time to wait!!!! I would have to contact the gp to see what the results were way before then! :lol: I wish you all the best in trying to find out your results.

Take care

Deb x

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2 ways to look at this:

The long wait means nothing bad is going on OR something is not quite right but does not warrant a quick follow up appointment.

I would call the doctor and have them enlighten you a bit. Keep us posted please as I am very curious what they say to you.
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