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Complement levels?

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Hey my last tests showed low C3, C4 (and possitive ANA 1:640 homogeneous). Are low C3, C4 indicative of just Lupus? Or do people with other AI diseases have low C3, C4? I have looked all over the web and I can't find a clear answer.

Thanks! Stacy
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I was diagnosed with SLE on low C3, C4 and Anti-ds-DNA's and have also been wondering the same thing.

It will be interesting to see if anyone can help us!

Love Lesley
Yes, those compliments are indicative of Lupus activity. I ocassionally show low compliments even when all other tests are normal.

Hello Stacy

There are a few other conditions in which low complement is also found, but taken along with that ANA and with suitable symptoms and in the absence of any other explanation, it would certainly be indicative of lupus. Active disease or a flare unless they are always low when it might be a complement deficiency state which can lead to lupus like disease.

By the way I have corrected the spelling :wink2: Maybe that's why you couldn't find anything.

Hi there, Lupus is not dx by bloods alone. Lupus is very difficult to dx, it takes a combination of repeated blood tests, history of your symptoms, observation of your dr, as he looks at how you and your body react while in his office and talking.And once the dr. decides that you have something AI going on, then he has to narrow it down to which disease. So, keep your list updated every day, cuz it matters, it really does, and so does your health and you. Be well.
Hi Stacy,

It's a common enough finding in Lupies along with ANA and symptoms as Clare said, and ruling other things out, it's very indicative of Lupus.

I was diagnosed with low Positive ANA (the highest it ever got was 1:160) to my knowledge, low C4, low C3, red cell casts and protein spilling from kidneys (no other cause found for that after investigation). They were the only abnormalities as far as blood and urinalysis went, I had no other antibodies and still don't. However I also had about 7 of the other criteria so it pretty well clinched the deal for me anyway. It was the criteria that really tipped the balance and made my diagnosis more specific.

How is your Cellcept going? Is it helping?

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