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Getting all my questions out today...

I know a lot of us have CNS issues associated with lupus, however, in I guess somewhat rare cases there can be a lot of CNS issues associated with Sjogrens as well (all of which I have and this explains a lot), my Sjogrens labs (SSa) have been climbing every month since may and my doc says we need to do something about it (imuran is her thought, I did not tolerate methotrexate well).

Here is my question, those with sjogrens are at a 20 fold increased risk for lymphoma and imuran also increases that risk, so is that a good option or is it better to try and get the symptoms under control with the imuran. I know this is a hard question as my doc and I are having a hard time making a decision. There is a new specialist at Johns Hopkins who deals with the neurological manifestations of lupus and sjogrens so we are trying to get his input as well.

Please let me know if you have any helpful information regarding this.

Thanks, Jen
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