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Last Sunday night I ended up in the ER with severe stomach and back/side pains. They performed an EKG (normal) did a chest Xray (normal) and a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvic region looking for a kidney stone (everything looked normal)
After receiving a shot of toradol the pain went away and they sent me home.

I have continued to have this pain each day of this week. It comes and goes. When I lay down to sleep, I do not have the pain. It is when I am up and moving around or in the sitting position.

A week ago today, (last thursday) I took a fall while playing kickball with my 6 year old son and his friends from school. I fell flat on my stomach on the blacktop and it was a fairly hard fall. I got right up and continued playing with no problems. I went to work all day Friday and things were great. No pain at all. Saturday was fine also, no pain.

At some point on Saturday evening, I awoke to a stomach ache and a bloating feeling. I ended up throwing up a very little bit that night. The next morning (sunday) I felt fine and went about my day. Sunday night about 6 pm, my son and I were walking off of the soccer field from his practice (i was just sitting there watching him for an hour) and I got the first attach of this severe pain in my stomach area. this went on for the next 4 hours until I finally went to the ER. I was literally rolling on the floor trying to find a position where the pain would go away. the only position I found was to lay backwards over the arm of the sofa with my feet flat on the floor. That seemed to relieve the pain, but only if I stayed in that position. Shortly after standing up again, the pain would return.

I was given a prescription for 10 percocet pain medication pills and even if I take one of them, I still feel the pain although nowhere near as much.

I have a follow up appointment with my general physician today at 3pm and have asked that she take another look at my records from the ER visit.
I also had blood work done to check kidney function, as well as a urinalysis. Things actually looked pretty good, with only my glucose being a slight bit high.

About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with glumernonephritis (sp?) which was supposedly a swelling of the kidney filters that would allow excess protein and blood escape into my urine. After a couple of years of HBP medications, which I am still on, the problem went away, and I even received a letter from the Nephrologist saying that I was cleared up. I needed this letter to get some reasonably priced life insurance, and without it, I was being "rated" by the Ins. companies.

I'm open to any suggestions, because I have never had such excruciating pain as what happened on Sunday night. Again, since then, it's been better because of pain meds, but that doesn't mean that the problem is fixed or diagnosed yet.

Could my fall have caused brusing to the kidneys or other organs that would cause my pain?

It's really hard to determine if it's my stomach or my back or my side that hurts, because it seems to move around and one day it starts on the left side, and then it is predominantly in my back for a 1/2 hour or so, and then it moves to my stomach also. It's very frustrating.....

thanks for reading and maybe giving suggestions.

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Sorry to hear you are in so much pain.

I really have no clue but was wondering if they checked your spleen? It can hurt on both back and side. Maybe it got bruised in the fall.

Another possibility is costochondritis. You feel on those ribs pretty hard and the lining may now be irritated.

Good luck with your appointment.

Take care,

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You can have gallbladder pain but not show any signs of gallbladder problems. If you're not (doctor quote) "Fair, Fat and over Forty" they may not check for it. However, I had gallbladder problems off and on for a year. I noticed that when my Cellcept was increased for my swollen joints and hands my gallbladder problems eased off. My personal guess is that the gallbladder is responding to all the inflamation in my body and also being inflamed, but since there are no gall stones and it still works, nothing shows up.
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