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Hello All

Help!!! For the last couple of days I’ve been feeling confused!! Feeling like I have no direction. Feeling out of sorts (funny). Is this normal? Just sooooo confused. The days rolling into one, not enough time in any one day. Want to bits everyone and anyone head off. Feeling really ruff!!

I'm at the stage where I can hide my feelings until I get home behind close doors, after I put my boys to bed. Then the tears start to flow and there no way to stop them. Don't even know why I crying :sad::sad::sad:

Just a bit of advice would be most appreciated

Sad Spicy :sad::sad:

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I'm so sorry that your feeling so bad!

Only suggestions I can think of are that you may be suffering from depression or that your body is flaring in some way --- either way a trip to the GP or a phone call to your specialist sounds in order!

Hope you feel better soon!


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Hello Spicey

I'm sorry you are feeling so lousy. I see you are very recently diagnosed but I can't see any details such as what medicines you are on, what symptoms you had and if you have been feeling better in general.

There are so many possible reasons for feeling the way you do now. One might be getting used to the idea of having a chronic disease, having a hard time to adapt at work and at home and things like that, general overwhelm.

Have you had problems with anxiety and depression before ?


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Sad Spicey :hug:

Wow, I know exactly what you're going through but it's been many months like that for me! :( I have been feeling a bit better lately (I've been able to post and chat a little) but it's an awful existence for sure. As others have said, depression can cause mental havoc in a variety of ways. It's also very common with diseases and chronic pain to get depressed at times. I havn't found an anti-depression med that works properly for me yet but my pain pills are helping me out right now. Chronic pain can also drive you into a bad state after a while.

Talk to your rhuemy about this, he/she will should be used to treating their patients with these issues. Take care and good luck. :)

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Hi Spicy :grouphug2:

So sorry your feeling blue but as the others have said you are certainly not alone and you will get over it (though that may not make you feel much better right now).

Apart from depression and dealing with the news of being diagnosed, the thing that made me like that was sheer exhaustion. I was forcing myself to go to work as I had no way out (or so I thought) and I just felt overwhelmed as I felt I couldn't cope at all. As you say, you feel like you have no direction, basically don't know whether you are coming or going.

I still feel like that in a certain way, if I am "pushed" to do something I know I can't do (I still have a lot of problems with tiredness). I generally manage to avoid being in situations like that but sometimes you feel it's pretty crazy when you're at home most of the time and during the school holidays the kids end up doing these day camp things as I am simply not up to having four of them all the time.

Things improved a lot for me when my meds started to be a bit better balanced and when I finally started sleeping better. I'm still very tired a lot of the time but there is very tired and purely exhausted with crushing fatigue that just stops you functioning. For me they are different.

so, just another idea to throw into the pot. Whatever it is, it would be an idea to talk to your GP about it. Don't let it go on too long.


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Hi Spicy,
so sorry you are feeling so bad.

I think i agree with the others.
The combination of symtoms, being a mum, adjusting to having a chronic illness is enough to make even the strongest person have agood cry.
I would definately mention it to your doc and also try to talk a bit about how you feel either with a good friend who you trust and understands or just vent on here to try and avoid that feeling of being alone and isolated.
I really hope things do improve a bit for you.

Good Luck

Take Care

Cassie :)

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Hi Spicy

I think everyone so far has made a lot of sense in their replies.

I am very like this at the moment, and am in a flare plus very depressed a lot of the time. Depression is classic for losing focus - and feeling bad about it. Everyone here encouraged me to go to the docs and although I have not had much luck with anti-depressants (made me feel physically worse) just having spoken to people (including my doc) about how I feel has helped.

To try to keep focused and get a feeling of direction back I make a list now either before I go to bed or when I am having breakfast - just jot down the things to do. Trick is to make it easy to cope with and then try to really stick with it. Ticking things off has helped me realise life is not as bad as I thought. (Most days anyway ;)).

You might like to include things on the list that cheer you up as well as all the boring day to day stuff. I have to work from home to keep the wolf from the door and that was stressing me and making me run around like a mad thing yet feel I was going nowhere. Now I also allow time for some sewing which keeps me calm. And I rest a lot more. Hard I know when you are all anxious and tearful.

I also come to this group every day. Just sharing with people and learning about how others cope is really helping me keep perspective.

I hope you feel a bit more positive and not so alone when you read the replies you have had.


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hi Spicy

im really sorry your feeling so bad at the moment. I can really understand what you are going through at the moment and i can say that you wont always feel like this.

I was diagnosed with sle a year ago and felt completly lost. I was always crying and felt snappy and i didnt really know why. I think it was a combination of being diagnosed with a chronic illness and being depressed. I went to see my G.P who gave me some anti-depressants. I was sceptical about this at first but they really helped me. 7 months after being on them and i feel so much better. I spoke to someone about my illness and the tablets have made me feel ok again.

I still have days where i want to cry and its hard but things are alot easier now. Im sure there may be times when i need support again but at least i know where to gte it now.

All i can say is dont be too hard on yourself. This is a difficult time for you. Seek as much support as you can. What you are feeling is completely normal!!!

I really hope you feel much better soon.

Laura x

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Dear Spicy,
Just wanted to tell you to hang in there. I am a long term Lupus patient but my 17 year old Daughter was only diagnosed in January this year. She found it very hard at first as she was diagnosed, her cat died and her boyfriend left her all at the same time. She got so thin!!! She is much better emotionally now.
I really hope you will feel better soon. Also do remember some of us experience depressed feelings immediately before a flare so do watch out just in case.
x Lola

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I can't add anything to what others have said.. But I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and sending you :hug:.. As it sounds like you need lots of them.... I hope you feel better real soon... We are here for you...

Love Penny
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