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hi everyone,
im hoping you can spare a minute of you time to help me out a bit.
i was tested for lupus 3 years ago and my blood tests came back normal,was sent to a rheumy who dx fibromyalgia after x rays on my shoulders came back ok and pressure points were tender. tested again for lupus 3 weeks ago(seeing my g.p on tuesday)
i have the following symptoms...
severe joint pain
fingers swell and knuckles go red
terrible stomach pains
sensitive skin (itchy)
flat rash like measels on my arms
raised small red lumps on my legs
skin really dry
deep red spot type rash on my chest
spots on my face
slight rash on my face at times
im sure theres other things aswell that ive forgot to mention,
sorry about the long post but any feedback would be much apprieciated as im wondering if these symptoms are consistant with yours.

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Hi Jayne,
Yes i have many of your symptoms, i have discoid lupus & still trying to get a diagnosis of SLE. It is a very trying time at the moment.
Make a list of your symptoms, take pics as well.
I hope your appt goes well.

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Hi Jay,
Welcome to the lupus site.

Did your rhumey run the tests that you are talking about a few days ago? The rhumey you are seeing do they know lupus? You need to find a rhumey that knows lupus.

Here is part of this web site that you might like to read.

Have you seen a dermatologist? They could biopsy your rashes. Some of our members have been diagnosed with lupus that way.

Have a look around the site and post any questions that you might have.

Take care,

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Hi Jay,

Sorry your not feeling well but sure glad you found this site. YES, many of your symptoms do sound like Lupus but it also sounds like a million other things too. Auto immune disorders tend to be similar to each other and yet very different in many ways too. I am hopeful that your appointment on Tuesday goes well.

I suggest you find someone who specializes in Lupus and move forward with them if possible. For me personally it took years before my blood work started to show positives in it. Prior to the bloods showing something the doctors told me I had MS..............knew I never had it and never believed that I did, not for one minute.:mad::mad::mad:

Best of luck and keep us posted.:wink2:
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