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:) Hi there,you certainly don't sound very happy with your doc's. I cannot imagine a GP that knows enough about autoimmune to say that you may have it. Besides, the only one that can dx you is a Rheumy. The reason they are so cautious about putting the "label" on you is that Lupus ic called the disease of 1,000 faces, for a good reason, that how many diseases it imitates. Now, thinking of things that way, can you see how hard it would be to dx you ? Lupus is dx by history, symptoms, bloods, and his observation of you during your appt's. Write all your symptoms down and take them with you to every appt, and keep the list up to date. If you have the slightest uneasy feeling about this Rheumy, ask for a referral to another on. But get on that you feel confident with. Keep posting.:wink2:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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