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Here is a link to Laboratory Tests run in diagnosing lupus which includes the General Tests.

It doesn't go into detail but does give a brief discussion on the general tests. Of course all kinds of things can cause the different results to come out the way they did and it isn't necessarily related to Lupus. The abdominal ultrasound will look at more than the Gall Bladder and it sometimes is the first of multiple tests run when GI issues come up. Are you being seen by a Gastroenterologist? I have a Gastroenterologist on my crew of doctors that treat me. Partly because of the Scleroderma it was pretty much automatic when my nausea started.

The bottom line is that your doctor is the best person to ask about the combination of test results as no particular website is going to have answers to each possible lab test outcome. Is your doctor the kind you can call and he will call back?

Let us know how things go.

Take care,
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