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That is great news! A good Dr is hard to find, always try to schedule your appointments with him, if he is in a group it may mean waiting a little longer but I am sure you can see it is well woth the wait!

I am on CellCept and I didn't have kidney involvement (i do have mild now, but completely under control and no scarring). My dr went there as I was not responding or had too many side effects from the other normal treatments.

I am 47 and take 1000 mg of cellcept a day plus 5 mg of prendisone - to keep kidneys stable. I am starting to have some breakthrough pain so we are considering trying enbrel.

I am so glad you visit went well, I hope you tolerate the MMF well and see some improvement, it took me about 5 weeks and to be on 1000mg to see results.

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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