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Cortisone injection in foot

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I had a surprisingly good appointment today during which I found out that I have Morton's Neuroma in my left foot.
I really thought that the doctor would hear my complaints and decide that my foot pain should stay under the SLE umbrella and send me back to the Rheumy, but no. He poked and prodded and managed to recreate the pain that I have been experiencing and explained that it was caused by inflammation of the nerve.
I'm now on a waiting list for a scan and then he'll try a cortisone injection.
Can anyone share with me their expeience of such an injection please? I'm sure that it will hurt :eek: but I could do with knowing whether or not I'll be able to walk/drive afterwards and get myself back to work or will I have to stay off it for a few hours? (I'm sure this is months away from happening but I'd like to know what I'm in for!)
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I had a Morton's neuroma in my foot many years ago... my treatment was just to wear some Dr. Scholl's pads with a cutout where the neuroma was. I did this for many months and the symptoms subsided and eventually I never even needed any more pads with holes cut out.

I have had one cortisone injection in my knee before, and the injection itself was pretty painful but I was able to walk out no problem after the appointment. I would imagine you could walk out soon thereafter for a shot in the foot too; but I'd be sure to ask your doctor that question to be sure.

Good luck - hope your foot symptoms improves with treatment very soon. I went in to the doctor thinking I had a stress fracture or something - it can be pretty painful to walk with that problem.
hi there i have had 3 injections into my heal
and the third one done the trick
i have really pain for about 3 years before i got the injections
and i took 3 of them to really work
but no more pain
make sure they inject some local into the ares first because if they dont it will be ****
u could walk right after and drive no problem just took it easy that day and then walking back to normal the day after
I have had several injections, They won't allow you to drive afterward. You'll need a driver, the injections will help. I would recommend them. The only problems is the relieve is short least it was for me.

couple of weeks. max!
Thanks very much for all of your feedback :)

I am glad you had good results from the injection.

I hope you continue to reep the benefits of feeling pain free.

Enjoy your holiday.:wink2:
Morton's Neuroma

Hi Freya,

I was just diagnosed late fall with Morton's Neuroma that I had been suffering with for a couple of years. I was promptly fitted with an orthotic that had a Morton's Neuroma pad built-in (I also had a problem with high arch problems). Just got the orthotic a couple of weeks ago and I am shocked to say that they actually work! No more burning and numbness in my feet while wearing the orthotics. Unfortunately, you cannot fit the orthotics in all shoes--only my most athletic ones with inserts that can be removed. I actually resisted the cortisone shots, concerned about break-down of tissue that can occur (I've heard) with repeated use (I am sure it is OK with infrequent or rare usage).

On a related note, my husband recently had his first cortisone shot in his foot for plantar fasciitis and while the shot hurt, it offered almost immediate, warm relief. He drove from his appointment back to work, I think.

Perhaps the driving issue is related to where you actually receive the shot.

HOpe you get some relief. I know the pain and am so glad to have some relief from it.
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