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Cutting Plaquenil dose

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My doctor has lowered my Plaquenil dose to 200mg a day from 400mg as I am having severe gastric reactions to my medications. Has anyone else cut back on this med? Did you have any problems? What should I watch for? And how long did it take for any problems to surface? Any help would be most appreciated.
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When my dermy first put me on plaquenil I did the low dose then upped it during the summery months. When Nov. 1st came he tried to lower it back to the 200 but it was not long before I was flaring. He put me back on the 400 and the next year he tried it again. You guessed it I flared again, so he marked in my chart that dosage was not to be lowered. I then lost insurance coverage about 5-6 years ago and had to go completely off the plaquenil. I am back on it yet again but I think in my case my body rejects having the plaquenil taken away cause it just has a fit when the dosage changes or it is just taken away all to together. I mean the fatigue is worse, the joint pain is worse, the swelling is more often and harder to get down, if I go out in the sun within 15minutes I will look like I have chicken poxes, I have a dryer mouth and my eyes are real dry also. Well, I am sure you will be fine I and my body are a strange bunch lol . I was told by my dermy that I was his problem child what should work doesn't and what will not work seems to help me ( he was always scratching his head with me). Let us know how things work for you.
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