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Cutting Plaquenil dose

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My doctor has lowered my Plaquenil dose to 200mg a day from 400mg as I am having severe gastric reactions to my medications. Has anyone else cut back on this med? Did you have any problems? What should I watch for? And how long did it take for any problems to surface? Any help would be most appreciated.
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My doctor cut me back to 300mg a day from 400 due to a lower ideal body weight than is desirable for the 400mg dose, and I have not noticed a thing. Going down to 200 from 400 I did while I was pregnant and did not notice anything either (but pregnancy induced some sort of remission for me until late in the 3rd trimester too).

With the very long half life of Plaquenil at 30 days... it would probably be a month before you would notice much of anything from lowering the dosage of this drug. Some people are able to maintain very well at the 200mg dose too... although most will stay at the 400 dose if they tolerate it & that is near the max dose for their body weight.
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